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Namaste, my friends,
my name is Arjun Adhikari and I’m Nepalese guide and founder of Into Nepal.

Since I was kid playing on the slopes of Himalayas, I had a dream of becoming tour guide one day so I can show people what I could see – how beautiful Nepal is.

It’s been close to one decade now since I’ve been guiding people from 40 different countries to the best of the best Nepal can offer. And I hope that me and my team will be able to do the same for you.

With love, Signature

Arjun is professional guide. He is very funny and caring person. We spend 10 days together and we became real friends! I hope to see him again!
Best guide ever and he cooks. Nuff said. Now start trekking with him!
Arjun went an extra mile (even a few), he was so helpful with everything before, during and after the trek. He is a funny guy, so it's actually fun to spend these days with him. Definitely recommend, worth your money.

The right trek for you.

There is dozens of treks and pick the right one is not easy, if not overwhelming.

That’s why we decided to narrow down options and focus mainly on three treks that were proven to be the most satisfying in many years of our experience.

To make it even easier, we classified treks based on difficulty level – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, so everyone can find what suits his personal preferences and expertise.


Ghorapani Poonhill

  • Height of Summit: 3210m
  • No. of Trekking Days: 4-5 days
  • Grade: Easy, suitable for beginners
  • Best time: Feb – May / Sep – Nov


Langtang Valley Trek

  • Height of Summit: 4773m
  • No. of Trekking Days: 8 to 12 days
  • Grade: Moderate / Intermediate
  • Best time: Feb – May / Sep – Nov


Everest Base Camp

  • Height of Summit: 5380m
  • No. of Trekking Days: 12 days
  • Grade: Intermediate / Hard
  • Best time: Feb – May / Sep – Nov


Not enough for you? Click Here for full list of available treks

Booking process simplified.

No more travel packages and hidden surprises or adapting to someone’s else calendar.

This is YOUR experience we are talking about and so you are fully in charge of picking the dates that fits to YOU!

And because we like to keep things simple and transparent, we came up with our fix price formula $65/Day/Person, which is the only cost you pay if going for trek with us.

So where’s the catch? There’s really none.

$65/Day Includes

Accommodation on Trek

It’s difficult to book your stay online – these are Nepal mountains! Also for anyone unfamiliar with the area it’s hard to know which dwelling provides maximum comfort for a price. Also, it’s not uncommon practice between local Tea-house owners to charge ‘a special prices’ for tourists. Having a native Nepalese as a guide guarantees you always the right price with certainty of the most comfortable bed.
Note: Doesn’t include accommodation in Kathmandu

All meals covered

It’s like All-inclusive stay, well, Nepalese style. Do not expect rich tables on every stop – Nepalese meals are rather simplistic. However, you don’t have to worry about any payments on your trip. All your meals, drinks and even little snacks during hike are covered. I am here not only to guide you through but also to make sure you do so happy and without starving.

Trek permits

In Nepal, every tourist who enters National Parks requires TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) which oftentimes means dealing with annoying bureaucratic offices. I don’t say you can’t do it by yourself – what I say is you would rather avoid it and leave it to me handle time wasting things.

(last but not least) Professional Guidance + Porter

I know pretty much every stone on the road and now I made a list of the treks that I consider as the most beautiful in Nepal. I walked all of them. Pick one and I will safely guide you through the best parts of it.

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